PS3 A “Sinking Ship”

Bloody doom and gloom: Why did those stupid US financiers have to throw money at jobless homeowners? Now we’re all going to suffer because banks are greedy sods and our governments won’t just let them die like any other business would. I’ll stop there because I’m in serious danger of just posting another rant and I think I’m supposed to have the odd proper story in amongst my ranting and the close eye I’ve been keeping on Woolworths demise…

Anyway, to the point:

CNN Money has posted a story by a gentleman by the name of Eric Krangel about how the PS3 is a sinking ship and Sony is in danger of drowning with it if they don’t sort themselves out. In amongst a largely derogatory and fairly petulant article (quite unprofessional in my opinion) they point out that the NPD figures are bad and that Sony’s current flagship is being outsold in a big way by its competitors (he counts the Wii, I wouldn’t really). Eric Krangel also shows that he has no love for Sackboy, doesn’t think Home is going to be a big thing and is about as stupid as mud when it comes to HD entertainment. I’ll quote him here so you can see how stupid he is without having to suffer the rest of his simplistic dross.

The differences between Blu-Ray and DVD are hard to see on a TV less than 50″

Yes, Eric, they are. If you’re blind and don’t have a decent sound system.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think he makes some valid points (well, one valid point) but I also think that if you’re going to write an article in which you’re basically showing your lack of knowledge of a subject mixed with some pretty partisan points of view then at least try to make it funny. Like I do.