Steel and Titanium Priced

We wonder, you know, if we’ll ever get such ridiculously good service from the eventual Euro PS Blog.  The guys over at the US version put in a brilliant show each and every day with some really good content, interviews and articles – if SCEE manage to work towards being even half as good then we’ll be in for a treat.  And we’re all super confident in their ability to do this, right?

Today’s nuggest of loveliness?  The pricing for the upcoming Killzone 2 DLC, Steel and Titanium, which will feature two permed 80’s women in a Ford Capri cruising the streets of Helgan looking for trouble only they can fix.  Steel’s our favourite, with that gravelly voice and denim jacket, but we don’t want to sway anyone so decide for yourself by watching this slightly rubbish trailer, oddly recorded without any visual post-processing, shadows and animation:


The new expansion also adds a collection of new Trophies too, which is a nice surprise.  Oh, the price?  $6.  £5.  The last bit we’re guessing at, but we reckon that, as ever, we’re bang on the money.  It’s out on April 30th, which was previously Burnout Cops and Robbers day.  Nice one, Sony.

Tip: oMega-W, CaptainMurdo, via the PS Blog