Burnout Paradise Hits 1.8

Tomorrow’s Store is going to be a big one, with Burnout’s Cops and Robbers mode heading the bill, but that’s not all that’s coming from the Criterion team, as Paradise will be upgrading to version 1.8 when you insert the disk in the drive.  The update fixes the following issues, as well, we assume, as providing the empty Cops and Robbers ‘shell’ for anyone that doesn’t pay the £8 entry fee.

GT Nighthawk PlayStation 3 Trophy
Something that only became apparent once the Legendary Cars went live is that if you already had the 2x Boost Chain Trophy it was impossible to get the GT Nighthawk one. We’re pleased to say this is now fixed and everyone will be able to earn this Trophy once the update goes live tomorrow.


Game freezing on the start line of an online ranked race
We had a number of reports about this though we have had difficulty reproducing it in-house. However, we did find one possible issue which we have now fixed and we very much hope this fixes the issue some players have been reporting. We’re monitoring the situation and will make improvements where we can.

Not being able to select purchased vehicles in the Junkyard
In the majority of cases we found the cause of this was that people had purchased the vehicles but not downloaded AND installed them. Correctly downloading and installing the vehicles fixed the issue. However there was a rare bug seen with a handful of customers who achieved their Elite license during a specific period of time last year which meant that some of the vehicles had indeed disappeared. We have now fixed this issue and that fix appears in the new update.

Smashes and billboards resetting after playing the Party Mode
This was a problem that occasionally happened when you started a Party then re-entered Paradise City. They weren’t actually reset. When you restarted the game everything was back to normal. However, it was annoying and we are pleased to say it has now been fixed.

Whatever you feel about the pricing of Cops and Robbers, you can’t deny that Criterion and EA are putting everything behind Burnout Paradise to make it the premier racing game on consoles.  We’ll have the European Store update at 9am tomorrow, as normal.

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