Dante’s Inferno Screenies

Dante’s Inferno from EA’s Redwood Shore studio (of Dead Space fame) has been previewed to a select few within the industry, early reports are promising but that it plays almost identically to God of War, which is no bad thing because GoW is quite obviously great. Your character can carry out standard & strong attacks, can perform combos, grab enemies and rip them apart allowing you to consume their souls.

It also features chests to open which release orbs for you to collect, and of course no platforming / puzzler/ hack n’ slash/ adventure game would be complete without the obligatory Quicktime Events. So pretty much exactly like God of War then.

Following Redwood Shore’s fantastic work on Dead Space I’m quite looking forward to this, especially if they’ve learnt from GoW and can find ways to improve what is already a winning formula. The game is due for release in 2010, as always we’ll have news as soon as it breaks but until then here’s some fantastic looking screenies to whet your appetite.

Official Site: Dante’s Inferno, Via Joystiq