Putting More “Zone” In Killzone

TSA’s new Community Manager and Killzone 2 Clan Leader, FRUITofDOOM (case-sensitive) takes a look at the new maps he’ll soon be leading his men onto in search for glory. On a side-note, it’s always nice to have fresh talent around TSA Towers and Liam’s first article is an absolute belter. Shame he hasn’t got nicer legs and a fuller bust though…

As my first post, it was only natural that it would be Killzone related.  And I am honoured to bring you my thoughts on Guerrilla Game’s first level pack, named “Steel & Titanium”, for this epic title.

So, what do you get for your money?

Well two levels may not seem much in writing, but when you consider the size and scope of each level, I think you’ll agree it is well worth the asking price of £4.79p.  And bearing in mind it is just over two months after the games release, it is great sign of post release support to keep the game fresh.

So, the maps:

Wastelands Bullet

This map is essentially a bullet train transporting troops and goods between Pyrrhus and the Wastelands.  The first thing you will notice when you spawn on the level is just how fast the train is moving. The sense of speed is impressive and it really feels like it is zooming towards its destination.  The map itself looks stunning, and the sound of gushing wind lends itself well to the whole experience.

A bit of a trade off to this sense of speed, is that you feel like your character isn’t moving that fast at all on the train itself.  Even when you sprint, you still feel a little slower than usual.  But once the bullets are flying, you’ll soon dismiss this sluggish feeling and start taking in everything else that the level has to offer.

With mounted machine guns on the top of the front and back carriages, and on both sides of the train, it is easy to get cut down once you start running around.  If you brave going up to eliminate the machine gunners, or to avoid the chaos below, be sure to watch out for overhanging traffic signals.  Activating sprint and running up to the top resulted in my head coming off and no doubt landing in a different postcode.  So caution is a must when taking the high ground.

Down below it is a different story.  With crates and boxes forcing plenty of close combat situations; it is very easy to turn a corner only to be staring at the business end of a shotgun.  And the moment you forget about those upper vantage points, somebody is going to send you a reminder to look up without mercy.  There are corridors leading to engine rooms too, and this makes for two separate play styles at two different paces. Should your side of the train become a hot spot and you feel the need to bail, or the mission objective is on the other side, you can cross over with a quick dash and jump.  However, this is a risky manoeuvre, as you have to leap over the gap between the carriages.  Every few seconds four pillars will come hurtling through the middle of the train, and if one catches you mid-jump; expect an amusing “dink” noise and instant death.

Vekta Cruiser

Another level taken from the single player campaign, and instantly recognised to anyone who has finished the game.  If I was to describe this level with one word, it would be “massive”.  Boasting two levels over a long stretch of the ISA cruiser, it really is both exciting and daunting.  It will take a good few matches on this level to become comfortable with warzone objectives and locations.  And is easily a full 16v16 level involving some close combat fire fights and much needed teamwork.

In the centre is a massive energy core, protected by thick unbreakable glass, and surrounded by a walkway travelling all the way around.  Off this walkway you can venture through doors to other areas like the launch bay and loading docks.  With stairs taking you up to the next level nearly everywhere, you need to keep a trained eye on the walkways above for enemies attempting to get a drop on you.

Again the detail in this level is superb.  I wasted minutes just shooting the glass screens, watching the data disappear with the first shot, and then witnessing the best shattered glass effects I have ever seen in a game.  Whilst “Wasteland Bullet” has a dark brown tone to it, representing the Helghast and their territory, Vekta Cruiser is bright blue and vibrant.  I would argue this gives the ISA side an advantage, as it is slightly more difficult to spot the blue troopers amongst the cruisers bright blue walls and lighting.

If this is the standard of dlc Guerrilla Games are going to maintain and deliver, then we are in for a real treat.  Anyone enjoying Killzone 2’s warzone/multiplayer should seriously consider purchasing this map pack.  I have played each map three times, and I feel I have barely explored what each map has to offer.

To the TSA Killzone 2 clan; there will be dlc only boot camps running very soon.  Any TSA member wanting to join the boot camps, head over to the forums for more information on times and entry.