Ghostbusters Coming To Home

Ghostbusting fansite Proton Charging have picked up on recent tweets from Loot Gear clearly chatting about a Ghostbusters-themed Space on Home.  The tweets referring to Home actually go back quite far, but it’s now clear that they’re not only ready to go live but are massively expanding the content that we’ll be able to get our slimey hands on.

Costumes, toys, shirts are naturally the key items, but Loot Gear are also promising an event space and even a Ghostbuster-esque apartment.


The event space, judging by hints in their Twitter feed, will be of “Biblical Proportions” and there’ll definitely be an Ecto-1 in there.  Some of the content, it appears, is already with SCEA, and there’s a preview of another Loot-powered Space here, dubbed Stage Set…

More news as we get it, but expect the content on or around June 16th.

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