Apple Eyes EA?

Three EA stories in the same hour? That’s surely a record. This one, however, packs a different kind of punch.

Much to the surprise of everyone, Apple’s iPhone has become quite the gaming platform.  The App Store took off quicker than a greyhound out of the stocks with a publishing method so beautifully simple and open, it even stole one of our finest writers.  Apple once publicly denied that it was looking into getting into gaming but, in complete contradiction, last year a slew of patents were filed for both handheld and home consoles.

Now, with fresh rumors from financial website The Street having apple looking at the possibility of an EA takeover, the thought of Apple becoming the fourth wheel in the console market starts to become more real.  The move itself, however, isn’t necessarily one a console manufacturer would make but if Apple were to release a console with the backing of EA’s catalog it would certainly create quite the splash.

Of course, this could just turn out to be a standard take over bid but with Apple’s iPhone, hardware and interface history my rumor whisker’s twitching like crazy over this one.