EARS Severed By Visceral Games

Electronic Art’s longest running studio, the award-winning Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno developer, Redwood Shores Studio has been renamed and rebranded as Visceral Games, “to better reflect the studio’s culture, identity and focus on creating intense action-oriented intellectual properties.”

The name change will come as a disappointment to at least one of our number.  Peter has previously described the studio name’s accronym, EARS, as “the funnest studio name west of Squeenixidos.”  Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Glen Schofield, VP and general manager of Visceral said, “I wanted something that would almost be a mission statement in a name, that would give us more focus, if you will”.


Currently there is a simple statement from Schofield up the studio’s new website:

We are extremely proud of the EA Redwood Shores Studio legacy. The name change to Visceral Games is just the next step in the evolving story of EA’s studios. We are not abandoning our past but embracing the future. With an obsessive focus on excellence and a relentless commitment to intense action, Visceral Games is set to execute all future games at the quality, innovation and polish of Dead Space. This is just the beginning. Join us as we forge ahead.

What they are forging ahead with is, of course, of interest.  We know that they are working on the multi-platform Dante’s Inferno and the waggle-friendly on-the-rails-shooter Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii.

EA’s press release covering the name change also says the studio is working on two unannounced titles.  The statement on Visceral’s site adds that the above two games “and other concepts in the pipeline illustrate where the studio’s expertise and passion lay.”  So on the face of it, it seems likely that there is more survival horror and bloody action games to come.

Though one other comment that Schofield made to GI.biz, that the “types of games that we’re making these days are pretty intense, action-packed, in many cases mature – although they don’t have to be”, makes the surprising suggestion that Visceral may have at least one less visceral title in the works.