DJ Hero Controller Revealed

Activision’s FreeStyleGames-powered 2009 music title DJ Hero has been shrouded in mystery, until now. A not-at-all mysterious twitter account has revealed the first two hardware images. Activision’s recent legal issues surrounding Scratch: The Ultimate DJ don’t appear to have stopped them pressing on with this promising sounding follow-up to Guitar Hero, which will feature a wireless controller (we’re presuming the images are real) with three buttons, as you can see.

Specifics on the music are thin on the ground, and without a tracklist it’s impossible to suggest how good the game will be (these music games live or die on their audio content) but with DJ Shadow and Daft Punk rumoured to be involved you can consider our appetite to be suitably whetted. Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys is signed up for Scratch, so he’s a definite no for DJ Hero. Shame.