Operation Flashpoint 2 Delayed

Flashpoint was a bit of a cult hit enjoyed by only those with a taste for PC gaming until a port to the Xbox showed up the fickle, trigger happy nature of the console audience. Nowadays, most big third party franchise games have a tendency to spread themselves as far and wide as they can.

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is strategically planning a maneuver on all the major players. Only problem is that balancing problems have led to this ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’ being put back to the chillier months of autumn.


Codemasters is investing additional development time on the project to balance the player experience throughout the game.

Better get a Wii then (sorry).

As a good will gesture Codemasters have released a new trailer just so you can see what you’ll have to wait for. Watch it a weep.

Via VG247