Capcom Business Report

Capcom, the Japanese software giants who are doing a really good job of re-invigorating and re-inventing their retro catalogue, have got a business report up on their website which makes for interesting reading.

The link is at the end of the post but it’s a lot of numbers to digest so I’ll just break it down for you here. Basically they say that they will be releasing ten titles in 2009 on the PS3 and they project that they will get 4.9million sales for them, slightly more sales than they predict the eleven titles they release to the Xbox360 will get them. So that’s a better rate of sales on the PS3 for slightly fewer games.


No wonder Capcom are soon to be all over the PSN with their retro catalogue.

Also worth noting is that they are still releasing to the PS2 while the original Xbox has been abandoned and the PSP is expected to do better in terms of sales for significantly fewer titles than it’s handheld competition, even beating the Wii for sales in Capcom’s projection. The report even indicates that this was the trend last year too so perhaps Sony’s plan is working after all but then, I never doubted them for a minute.

News Tip: Tuffcub

Source: Capcom