My Top Ten: Observers Advice


Ten handy hints for multi-person gaming sessions just to help everything run smoothly. Print off and hand out to your friends and family when a gaming session is beginning. It’s best we all know where we stand.

  • If you are not playing then it’s your responsibility to get the drinks. If everyone is playing then responsibility to refresh drinks and snacks defaults to any player who does not own the console. That’s you. Always.
  • You must never, EVER, walk in front of the TV while pictures are in motion. You can walk in front of the TV only when the game is paused and the player has been given prior warning.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, talk over the cut-scenes. If the room is on fire it will still be on fire when Snake has finished talking to Revolver Ocelot, I’ll get to it.
  • Do not ask what happened in the storyline progressions that you’ve missed while you weren’t present. Be present or be quiet, your choice. In fact, just be quiet, your presence is not required.
  • Do not constantly shout phrases like “Up there, go up there!” or “Hit him, why don’t you just hit him?” They are not constructive and may result in a damaged controller. When it bounces off your head.
  • It is only your turn when the console owner says it is your turn. Until then it’s definitely my turn.
  • “Can you turn it down a bit?” is not an acceptable question, if you need to hear something other than game-sounds then go to a different room. In a different house.
  • If you notice that the game-player is drooling or forgetting to blink there will be an opportunity to inform them at the next load screen. It is important to tell them but it is equally important to wait for the most appropriate moment.
  • Toilet breaks are not an invitation for you to start a conversation. Console on, mouth shut. Simple. Don’t make me stop taking them, things will get messy.
  • Cleaning up after a gaming session is the responsibility of whoever wasn’t playing. You let the mess build up while you weren’t busy with anything else, you can clean it.

What advice would you give to anyone entering your game-space? Let us know in the comments.