Twisted Metal PS3 To Be Shown At E3?

The problem with standard Photoshop tools, like the gaussian blur, is that there’s often a very simple way to undo the filter.  Thankfully, Eat Sleep Play head David Jaffe didn’t seem to realise this, so when he posted some blurry information on his blog yesterday it must have come as quite a surprise to him when the internet managed to get information out that perhaps they shouldn’t have.  “I was pretty bummed by the leak from our game yesterday,” he said on a later post. “I was just annoyed that someone would actually go thru the trouble of not only defogging the images (that I clearly was sharing with the net community and clearly didn’t want defogged) but then that they would go so far as to post the info on the net.”

He talking about this, and whilst it’s a shame that previously ‘secret’ information is now out in the public domain, he really shouldn’t be quite so mad about it.  If you don’t want something to be found out, don’t publish it at all, no matter how obscured you think you’d made it.  “I know I’m a naive idiot for being surprised but sometimes the behavior of folks on the net can really just wear you down,” says Jaffe.  “I have no desire to stop blogging – something I love to do – just because from time to time there are going to be people who do shit that really gets under my skin.”  Yeah, well, that’s the internet.  You want people to come to your site to read the blurry email, but then get upset that someone’s taken the time to find out more about it?  Come on.

We’re not going to repost the aforementioned blurry email because it’s clearly a sore point (and appears to have been taken down from Jaffe’s site) but Gamervision don’t seem to care – it’s still here on their site at the time of this story going to press.  As is the assumed, de-blurred information, which mainly pertains to the game being Twisted Metal.  It’s clearly talking about cars – “behind your car”, “when he is knocked out of a car” and so on, with some reference to some on-foot action too – “human characters”, “animation of capturing him, running” – the list goes on.  Of course, everyone’s now fueling the rumour fire by assuming said game will be shown at E3 – there’s certainly nothing concrete to suggest this is the case at all, but everyone with an ear to the ground will already be fairly sure Eat Sleep Play were working on Twisted Metal – it’s just a matter of time.

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