New Modern Warfare 2 Details

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was, and is, a cracking game.  The other ones, you know, where you run about with bayonets and spears, hold no personal attraction, but I’m terribly excited about Modern Warfare 2, or at least I will be when Activision stop fannying around with teasers and actually show us the game.  In the meantime, it’s left to the various magazines with their ‘exclusives’ to start leaking out the good stuff, and it appears PSM3 have the goodies this month.  Read on, then go buy the magazine.

  • There will be a swimming mode enabled.
  • One of the levels will be a stealth mission based on an oil pipeline, involving the aforementioned swimming and a bit of scuba.
  • Another level will be in Rio De Janeiro, and there’ll be a Siberian level too.
  • Vehicles (e.g. Trucks, Tanks etc.) will be introduced into game, and there’ll be a helicopter based section too.
  • Ken Lally (Wesker from Resident Evil 5) will be voice acting, most likely as a Russian villain.

I don’t mean to be rude, but most of this could have been wrangled from the very first teaser trailer we saw, so most of this is already common knowledge.  Still, it’s Call of Duty with proper weapons (and the proper developer) so it’s newsworthy, and besides who doesn’t want to know what Ken Lally‘s up to these days, the apparent son of a spy and a child of the cold war?  Ooh, he’s quite famous, look: Pirates of the Caribbean, Heroes, Alias.  Shame he had to spoil it all with that silly videogame.

Tip: xzero1299-PR, Via GamingFront