My Top Ten: Gaming Bromances


Right, first things first. Picture the scene, it’s nearly midnight and Mrs C and myself are snuggling down for a sleep (or she’s going to sleep, I’m thinking about what game I’ll play) and suddenly it pops into my head that it is very nearly Friday and I haven’t even thought about a top ten yet. I let out a loud expletive, Mrs C questions my wellbeing, upbringing and sanity. In that order. To her credit though, she did give me the idea for this one. She suggested “Pairs, like duos. Errr, like Sonic and Tails!” and this is what you got…

  • Jak & Daxter – Let’s not dress it up, these two were up to no good and that’s why they got into the trouble they did. Good game though, and they stuck together, even if Daxter’s name did get dropped from the sequel…
  • Ratchet & Clank – Some might think of these two as having a typical Master/Servant relationship but there is more to it than that. Sure, Clank is a robot but he’s a funny robot so we’re allowed to bond with him.
  • Mario & Luigi – Essentially they are always competing. Importantly though, they are competing for who can save the princess fastest. Except in Mario Kart, in that they are just competing.
  • Sonic & Tails – A speedy blue hedgehog and a flying fox with two tails. This pair were in my childhood before I’d even heard of mind-altering substances. What chance did I have?
  • Snake & Otacon (Metal Gear Solid) – I’m not sure this can be classed as a “bromance”. Otacon is far too intellectual for fist-bumps and high-fives and I always got the impression that he spies on Snake in the shower.
  • Toejam & Earl – Being stranded on Earth is no picnic when you’re imbibed with as much funk as this pair. They stuck together though, searching for spacecraft parts while resembling the illegitemate offspring of Vanilla Ice and those things from the coffee machine in Men In Black.
  • Ico & Yorda – Fair enough, definitely not a “bromance” more like a “repressed, servile awkwardness” but they were companions and they were in one of the best video games ever. Plus, I had to think of this list quickly and it’s not as easy as it looks you know!
  • Banjo & Kazooie – A bear and a bird. In real life Banjo would have eaten Kazooie and picked his big bear teeth with that little bird’s leg-bone. Oh, and I know Kazooie is technically female too but it’s a bird and a bear, are we really being that picky at this point?
  • Marcus & Dom (Gears of War) – I’m playing through GeoW2 right now and the only thing funnier than the wafer-thin plot is the relationship between these two. They are the epitome of frat-buddy repressed homosexuality. Yeah Marcus, Dom has definitely got your back.
  • Nate & Sully (Uncharted) – I wanted to put Nate and Elena here but that is a stretch too far. Instead you got the smart-ass young gun and his salty sea-dog companion. Like a surrogate father Sully assists Nate through life. Like a true “Bro” Nate assists Sully in paying off his gambling debts. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?