DLC Review: Burnout’s Cops and Robbers Mode

The Burnout Paradise downloadable content (DLC) freight train continues, with the latest addition being the online-only Cops and Robbers mode which we thought we’d take a proper look at, as most of the time DLC doesn’t get a proper write-up on the site. Available for £7.99 from the PS Store, the aim of the new game mode is to find gold and then take it back to base; in other words, capture the flag but with cars. One team is labeled as the robbers and thus the other, cops. Both teams start at opposite ends of the map and race towards the gold situated in the middle. The first person to collect the gold (by simply driving over it) then has to get the gold back to a designated base. If they get back to base then they get a point for the team and games are played out as a best of 3 or 5 points.

It’s not quite as easy as it sounds though. Once you have the gold, the opposing team can ram you and if they take you down, they gain control of the gold. Things are further mixed up by the removal of any boost and when carrying the gold you have massively reduced speed. It can all become a bit chaotic and is all the better for it as a result. The gold can switch hands several times in a couple of minutes, and sometimes neither team will bag any points for over 20 minutes because as soon as they got near their base, the gold is stolen. It goes back and forth all the time and if you get into a session with 8 people all with headsets it’s absolutely brilliant fun. There are even some new Trophies to add to your collection as part of the DLC.

However, it does take a bit of time to get used to not having any boost (after all, it’s what you do 90% of the time in any other Burnout Paradise mode). It isn’t exactly a steal either (it had to be said at some point) – it may be fun but a couple of pounds off the price wouldn’t go amiss, especially considering this content can only used online. Also, there are a very limited number of spawn points and the bases are always in the same place, therefore the games always take place in the same area of the map, resulting in repetitive locations. That said, Burnout Paradise’s online mode in general is still one of the best of any game’s and is continually improving.

One of the latest free updates to the game added a web browser page upon launching the game which is quick to load and navigate, showing the latest Burnout news, your stats and even Twitter feeds of the developers. Add this with the in-game Burnout Store, the ability to restart events plus a few other fixes and revisions and Burnout Paradise has hit another level over what was released originally in January 2008. Cops and Robbers adds to this constantly evolving experience and is an enjoyable addition to any already excellent gaming experience. Certainly, it is the best premium Burnout Paradise downloadable content so far and we have high hopes for the upcoming Big Surf Island.

Score: 7/10