Battlefield: PS3 Vs 360

Back in February we announced that EA’s DICE studios were bringing Battlefied 1943 to the XBLA & PSN in June. The game features 24 player online only frantic action between the Japanese Imperial Army and the American Marines over three maps; Wake Island, Iwo Jima and Guadalcana.

The game is built using the Frostbite game engine from Battlefield Bad Company but has been tweaked and improved so as building are completely destructible, kind of like Frostbite 1.5 The game takes place over land, sea and in the air and such features tanks, light vehicles, landing craft and planes. there are some quite surprising features for a downloadable title including a squad system (similar to Killzone) enabling respawn on any squad member, and a class system with Scouts, Rifleman & Infantry each with different weapons and abilities. What has all this got to do with PS3 Vs 360?


DICE the team behind the title have today announced a community challenge, which will see Coral Sea, a fourth map and a whole new game mode called Air Superiority open up as soon as 43,000,000 kills have been racked up. The splash of marketing genius will pit PSN users against XBL users as each community races to unlock the new area first. Basically the more time you spend getting kills (or being killed) the quicker the whole community will get to the 43m target, you can monitor the running total as the stats will be constantly update on the website.

Get as excited as I am by checking out the trailer below.

Source: Official Site.