Motorstorm Gets Speed, Adrenaline

DLC, and not garlic bread it seems, is the future, and PS3 darling Motorstorm is certainly no stranger to the concept.  Right from the off, the original ‘Storm was bolstered with updates and new content, and the sequel has already seen its fair share of additional goodies drip fed over the PSN.  Despite the weekly livery updates, though, Sony are keen to push some tangible stuff our way in the form of two new expansion packs, dubbed, as these things tend to be these days, Speed and Adrenaline.

Speed will hit first, and will contain three neatly named brand new tracks (Quicksands, Engorged and Dark Fire Swamp) which whilst not leaving much to the imagination will hopefully be a little easier to get around than the ones on the disk.  Alongside the raw tracks will be three new track variants (it’s not clear whether these are from the new tracks or not), four new vehicles and a fresh 48 event festival, named, yes, Speed Weekend, which will come with more Trophies and Microbadges.

Shortly after, Sony will release the second pack, Adrenaline.  Adrenaline will feature three more tracks (Reefrunner, Brimstone and Hollowed Earth), five new track varients, four more vehicles (each vehicle in each pack will have three liveries), six new characters and some more paint jobs for your existing vehicles.  There’s no festival in the Expansion pack, which seems odd given that there’s new tracks, but we assume there’ll be Microbadgers.  And Microbadges.

No date has been given for these yet, but as they’ll be fully playable at E3 next week we assume they’re ready to roll.

Tip: baconsarnie, ManeoriX, via the US Blog.