MotorStorm Space in Home is a Teaser

Remember we mentioned the MotorStorm space heading to PlayStation Home a couple of weeks ago? We were right on the mark that the space would be arriving this week, and Sony have released a quick teaser trailer to the space which you’ll be able to visit today. Check it out below. It’s short, but it summarises pretty well.

So this is where we begin to question the reason behind the Home dev team’s focus. The space to be released will not be available permanently, and instead will be taken offline a few weeks from now. Not only this, but the space is supposed to act as a teaser to the main MotorStorm space coming later in the year.


By entering the MotorStorm Sphere you will secure yourself a rare PS Home Reward and the opportunity to see the very first work in progress artwork of a new MotorStorm Space (which will be coming to PS Home later in the year).

So with that, and the idea that those building the MotorStorm space spent early 2009 building a teaser space when they could have been building the real space, here’s the trailer. It’s a teaser of a teaser. It’s likely that the actual space will be released around the time of ‘MotorStorm: Arctic Edge’ As the game is set for release in October, don’t expect to see the real space until then.

Source: VGReleases, Official EU PlayStation Blog