Final Fantasy VII Coming to the PSN

The ESRB’s website is great and their handy little search function, much like the Store’s new one, is even better. A quick search of “Final Fantasy VII” shows a newly listed title for the PS3 and PSP with SCEA as the publisher. Now this hopefully means we will get to see its release over here but with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete getting a Blu-ray release on June the 2nd in the US it is more than likely a US-only timed release, at least until we get the Blu-ray on July the 13th.

Now is the time to be buying up those PSN cards, especially with the Dollar getting weaker, and getting your Final Fantasy kick – until the new one finally arrives here anyway. Since TheSixthAxis seems to have no use for testicles, I would gladly offer the left one for this game or, even better, a release of Final Fantasy X on the Store. I loved Tidus. Shame we don’t have PS2 games on the store, maybe soon though.

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