Gran Turismo PSP Launched

So, as you all know, the new PSP Go was launched at E3 2009 today. Alongside this revealing, lots of PSP games were also shown. Gran Turismo for the PSP was one of the main titles for the system.

Gran Turismo will be a launch title for the PSP Go, being available as a download and on UMD as of the October 1st 2009. Gran Turismo’s creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, was on stage to showcase the hotly anticipated PSP title, after the game was first shown with the original PSP 1000 at E3 2004.

It is great to finally see the game reach the PSP and there were some juicy details to coincide with the announcement. Firstly, Yamauchi had the game running on a PSP Go at 60 frames per second and the overall graphical quality of the title seemed a little better than the previous PS2 Gran Turismo titles. There will be over 800 different cars (yes, 800!) to drive around 35 tracks and therefore 60 layouts (forward and reverse for most tracks). The gameplay footage also showed a Ferrari Enzo tearing up the tarmac.

The single player mode will consist of the usual gameplay that has made the Gran Turismo franchise a huge success. There will be the normal campaign race, licence test and time trail modes as well as the Japanese phenomenon of drifting.

Alongside the huge amount of content and the single player modes, there will be PSP specific features. In terms of multiplayer action, 4 player Ad-Hoc will be included. But it’s not just being able to race against friends; you will also be able you to swap and trade cars with like-minded Gran Turismo fans too.

You can watch the trailer below and TSA will keep you fully updated with this game over the next few months.