PSP Go’s Mysterious New Games

In terms of the games line-up, the PSP Go has a massive selection of games on the way. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Gran Turismo were the main headline grabbers at E3 yesterday. We also already knew a lot about new PSP titles such as MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, Tekken 6, Jak & Daxter and Little Big Planet. During the presentation, Sony showed off a rather neat trailer showcasing lots of new PSP games. However, within the video there were some surprises.

First of all, Fat Princess was shown, supposedly running on the PSP. This could just be Remote Play from the PS3 version, but because it was part of the games line-up video, it is more likely to be a separate PSP download version of the game. However, Sony did not even speak about the game, so for now, this remains a rumour.


Within the same video, there seemed to be a new tennis game. Our best bet is a new Everybody’s Tennis game, due to the cutesy looks of the characters and also there has been an Everybody’s Tennis game before, on PS2. Again, until Sony says anything, this is pure speculation.

There was also a 10 second snippet of a game very similar in style to Echochrome. Instead of moving the level and perspective to navigate your solitary character through the level, it appeared to have the player controlling 4 characters at the same time. It does seem a little early for Echochrome 2, however the way the characters moved and the graphics both looked very similar to the original. We will have to wait over the next 2 days for any confirmation.

Finally, Sony seemed to show a game involving a camera in a similar style to Eye of Judgement on PS3. In the short clip, we were shown some sort of beasts fighting and then a human hand seemingly controlling them in some form or another. This could be integration with the PSEye, the PSP Go! Cam, a new camera all together or just a really weird game that has human hands in it!

E3 continues this week and no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from Sony, so be sure to check the TSA for regular updates. In the mean time, watch the video below so you can try and work out these mysterious PSP titles.

UPDATE | The Official PlayStation Magazine UK has just updated it’s Twitter with “Fat Princess on PSP is officially called Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake” This is fantastic news. It looks like the PSP version will have some differences from the PS3 one and become a stand alone game.