PSPgo Secret Features

The PSPgo might have been leaked last weekend, but there’s still a couple of really nice features that, as far as we know, haven’t yet been talked about. The first is the enhanced multi-use connector that the PSPgo is sporting: yes, it’ll enable the usual power charging functionality but also listed on the official spec is Video Input / Output. Output shouldn’t come as much of a suprise, we’ve been able to run PSP games on our TVs since the 2000 model, but input? Seems like the PSPgo might also find use as a portable TV screen for other media.

The second nice feature is the Dual Shock 3 functionality. Because of the PSPgo’s Bluetooth connection, developers will be able to enable PS3 controllers to run PSPgo games, enabling dual analog sticks and four triggers. Although the official line we’ve been told is “some buttons and rumble feature will not be supported” we’re still confident that games like Gran Turismo PSP will be playable with a Dual Shock 3, and we’ll be able to run them on our TVs with the Video Out. See, who needs the real PlayStation 3 version Gran Turismo, eh?