SingStar Take That

If you have been reading TSA for a while you will know that it is not unusual, come the weekend, for the sounds of tuneless warbling to emanate from TSA Towers as we have ourselves a little SingStar party.  Your favourite SingStar disc, some good friends and plenty of your favourite alcoholic tipple make a pretty good recipe for a night’s entertainment.

There are many songs on SingStar that we all enjoy ‘singing’ that we would not even admit to liking in polite company.  Most of the tracks on the newly announced SingStar title we have just heard about fit that category and may lead to the disc remaining hidden in the cupboard until we are sure everyone present is drunk and unlikely to remember us singing along to it.

Sony have just announced that we can look forward to SingStar Take That.  The third in their series of artist themed SingStar titles, following Queen and Abba.  The new SingStar will include Take That songs both new and old.  We do not have a full track list yet but included on the disc will be Shine, Back For Good, Never Forget and Could It Be Magic.

If it follows the format of the previous two artist themed discs, there will be a selection of other contempory songs included.  Our fear is that some of those might make the disc an essential purchase, meaning we would have to face the embarrassment of having SingStar Take That on the shelf.

For those who cannot wait for the release of the disc, which is coming in ‘late 2009’, a Take That song pack will be released on the SingStore this summer.  SingStar is also sponsoring the group’s (we refuse to call them a band until they all play instruments) UK stadium tour this summer, where everyone attending will be able to try their hand at singing better than Mark.  Seriously, it cannot be that hard can it?

Source: MCV Tip: Tuffcub