PS3 Slim “Not A Story”

The PS3 Slim rumours and images that surfaced mid May won’t just disappear, despite the wishes of some.  Talking to Ars Technica, Sony’s John Koller is clearly one of those people that would rather see the back of the thinned down PlayStation. “If [the press] focuses more on leaks or what may or may not happen then yes, there is a certain amount of frustration,” he said. “I think we have a tremendous story to tell today, and I think the path that we’re trying to lead is much different than Microsoft or Nintendo. We view a little bit of a different future.”

Koller is a marketing man, and to have to deal with prospective future versions of something he’s trying to sell right now must be a nightmare. “Who’s going to get to the future first?” he asks. “I think that’s a more interesting story than I found some packaging in China that may or may not… you know, personally I don’t see that as a story.”  Trouble is, it’s exactly the sort of story that creates traffic and discussion, and although not great news when you’re trying to sell the ‘fat’ PS3, it’s definitely newsworthy stuff.


“I’d love to live in a world with fewer leaks and more meat,” he concluded. Well, at least you got your Final Fantasy XIV reveal.