VidZone Not Causing YLOD

Rumour control here.  Whilst it’s not the only thread on the topic, this one in particular seems to play host to a few PlayStation 3 users faced with recently YLOD’d machines. The Yellow Light of Death occurs after an overheat of the system, and requires the console to be sent back to Sony for fixing.  Some in the thread linked above are citing VidZone as the alledged root of the issue.

Apparently after using the new music streaming service for half an hour and then visiting the Store (via one of the adverts in VidZone) their PS3s are crashing, and a further reboot results, they claim, in the YLOD situation.  The official VidZone Twitter told us earlier that “VidZone does not cause YLOD – YLOD is only caused by overheating. Ensure your console is well ventilated to prevent this.”


As with all high-end electronics equipment, ensure you keep your PS3 well ventilated.  Any YLOD problems are not caused by VidZone.