PEGI Ratings In By Christmas

Just the other day it was confirmed that the PEGI ratings system will be solely responsible for rating games in the UK, and it seems that the new labels are expected to be in place before Christmas. ELSPA chairman Andy Payne stated that whilst the UK Government will go into recess from mid July – October 12, the new logos are expected to be on packaging in time for the final quarter release window.

“There’s a whole load of things that will need to happen and they are all geared around the political process. In terms of this actually becoming law, it’s got to get through Parliament and that will happen but that will take time,” Payne told in an exclusive interview.


“Parliament is going into recess and this won’t even get looked at before then. In terms of making it absolutely law, and that’s the VSC taking over the legislative duties the BBFC has, that won’t happen until the autumn at the earliest, and there’s a whole load of things that have got to happen before that.”

The new coloured PEGI symbols definitely stand out more than the previous black and white ones. Although the 16 age rating may annoy a few fifteen year olds out there.


“In this political climate I would expect this to be going through due legal process before Christmas and I fully expect the new symbols on boxes for the big major products that are coming out in the fourth quarter.”

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