PS3 Firmware 2.80 Out

Firmware news.  It’s been a while since we’ve had any but don’t expect anything earth shattering this time. As more and more elements get slotted onto the XMB Sony must be running out of things to add without venturing into that bulging suggestions box.  This time, according to it’s a performance based update that will be bringing one mystery feature with it that won’t be useful until further down the line.

What is it?  Who knows?  And how do they know about this anyway? Regardless, as we tweeted about yesterday, Firmware 2.80 is now up on the Sony press site, and whilst it’s a dead link for now it looks like we won’t be waiting long.  All signs point to tomorrow as an ETA so set aside some time to give your fiber optics a workout. So, mystery feature, what do you do and will you be relocating my battery signal?

Update 1: We’ve been told to “not expect anything significant” by an anonymous reader.

Update 2: The EU Blog has told us that “playback quality of some PS3 software has been improved”.

Update 3: The Update is now live for download.