PlayStation 4 System Update 5.50 Beta Adds A Supersampling Option For PS4 Pro

Sony really should just announce the features that they’re going to be putting into system software betas for PlayStation 4, because as soon as the beta updates roll out to those signed up (and are under NDA), the details leak.

The upcoming 5.50 system update will add a system-wide supersampling option for PlayStation 4 Pro. This will let you force games that support higher than 1080p resolutions to run at higher resolution and then scale it back down, giving a smoother image and helping to minimise aliasing. It’s something of an edge case, as most PS4 Pro enhanced games already either run with supersampling or have options that let you choose between this and enhancing graphics or performance at 1080p.


Sony note that “Results may differ depending on the games. In some games, image quality may not improve, or the frame rate may change.” Read that as the frame rate potentially worsening.

Elsewhere, My Library has been spruced up with the ability to distinguish between games purchased with your cold hard cash and that have been added to your library as part of PlayStation Plus, and you will also be able to hide unwanted games from your library, meaning you can finally delete all those blasted demos and betas that clog things up.

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  1. Great to see the “you can finally delete all those blasted demos and betas that clog things up”. I’ve got loads of games and demos that I’ve tried and not wanted.

  2. So nothing useful added then?

    Not entirely sure those screenshots aren’t faked anyway. The beta is showing up as available to download, but it gives an error. So it looks like it’s coming very soon and isn’t yet available.

  3. Being able to separate owned from plus content is long overdue. I wonder if the supersampling will benefit any PSVR games but i’m guessing probably unlikely.

    • Chances are it might make things worse if it’s aiming for a higher resolution at the expense of frame rate. Lower frame rates (or worse, inconsistent frame rates) in VR could be quite unpleasant.

      There’s also the possibility that something trying to render at 1080 being forced to a higher resolution leads to Weird Shit Happening.

      • I was thinking there would be limitations with PSVR alright but we’ll see how it pans out.

      • Just read the 1st pic above properly … applies to TV’s with 2K resolution or lower, so not for PSVR.

      • It sounds like it’s for games with Pro support that automatically select 1080 resolution if your TV only does that.

        So if the game does 4K (or anything above 1080, or “2K”), but you’ve only got a 1080 TV, it can pretend you’ve got a 4K TV, let the game do it’s thing, and then scale it down to 1080.

        Which I guess gives an advantage to the Pro that previously was fairly pointless without a 4K TV.

        It’s possible a PSVR counts as a “TV with 2K resolution or lower” though. It’s technically 2K. Or 1K per eye. But it could be a disaster if it affects the frame rate. (The clever stuff the box does to double the frame rate can produce horrible results if it’s dealing with less than 60fps)

  4. Will be nice to finally tidy up my games library and hide all those betas and demos.

  5. Username changes? Lol

  6. Not happening this time :(.

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