Guitar Hero 5 Box Art

As an avid plastic-guitar-wielding fan, my ears perk up like a small dog when any new information on the next music game is revealed. Now I know the differences between each release isn’t huge, but I just like more songs to play really. Alas, my excitement was quickly dashed when my eyes lay upon Activision’s Guitar Hero 5 box art. I swear we’re well into June now, so surely this is too late for an April Fool’s. To say it’s boring and bland is being quite kind as I expect there is graphic designer currently looking for a new job after he pressed print before he was meant to. You may disagree with me and feel free to, but the surely the text at the bottom should be on the back of the box?

With 85 songs by a variety of 83 artists, there is certainly a lot more content on its way, and with the addition of ‘Jump in/Jump out play’ and the ability to ‘play any combination of instruments’, this release could be another great party game. However, if this is what your coming releases will look like in stores Activision, perhaps you can keep them.