Guinea Pig Flavoured 3D Gaming

G-Force.  For those of us above a certain age it is a name that brings flooding back childhood memories of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny.  No, they are not some talentless tween pop group they were the heroes and heroine of Battle of the Planets.  Defending us all from the evil Zoltar with their superhuman agility and their ship, the Phoenix, aided and abetted by 7-Zark-7 and 1-Rover-1 back in their underwater base, Center Neptune.

Unfortunately this post is not about that G-Force.  It is about the video game of Disney’s new G-Force film where the ‘G’ stands for Guinea Pig.  Yes the world is about to be saved from a horrible fate at the the hands of white goods by a specially trained squad of guinea pigs ably assisted by a fly.  Needless to say it is not a film that is topping our list of summer blockbusters.


What piqued our interest about the G-Force The Video Game was reading that it will be bringing 3D gaming to your PS3, and 360, as soon as next month.  When the game is released on the 31st July you will be able to don your 3D glasses and race through terrain in your G-Force Rapid Deployment Vehicle enjoying the real sense of depth the 3D bring you.

We were expecting James Cameron’s Avatar to be the first to deliver 3D gaming to our PS3s yet here is G-Force waving its furry paw at us, in 3D, to get our attention.  There is a difference between the 3D in the G-Force and Avatar games though.  Avatar will be delivering stereoscopic 3D for your gaming pleasure using glasses with polarizing lenses; the same technology as seen in cinemas lately and possibly requiring you to buy a new TV.

Instead of that modern, cutting edge, approach to delivering a 3D experience, Disney’s G-Force is instead taking its inspiration from 1980s cereal packets and including two pairs of anaglyphic 3D glasses.  These are the glasses you will all be familiar with where one lens is red and the other is blue.  Also only some parts of the game will be playable in this “astounding 3D” and fortunately it will be something you can turn off.

We are glad that G-Force The Video Game is using this older 3D technology that has more-often-than-not disappointed in the past as otherwise we might have felt compelled to pick up a copy just to try out the 3D.  Now the only way you are likely to see a TSA review of it is if Chris picks up a copy “for his daughter”.

Source: Gamasutra