Sony’s Mick Hocking Talks PS3 3D

Is 3D still considered a fad, a passing phase?  Given the current limitations (glasses that make the image darker and processors that simply aren’t up to the job) you might think so, but Sony’s Mick Hocking is still adamant that there’s a future, especially on PS3.

[drop2]However, that’s not a future that’s going to happen without help.  “I think the main lesson I’ve learnt is there’s an on-going need for developers to still be properly educated about developing games in 3D,” said Hocking speaking to Develop. “If teams get educated about how to produce great quality 3D then we will see more great 3D games.”


Hocking says he’s done lots of work training up internal QA teams, and there’s a dedicated 3D team on hand to help developers.  “We’ve actually now got a guide with 10 points for producing technically correct 3D, it’s our 3D 10 Commandments if you like, and we also have lots of resources now to help developers creatively with 3D as well,” he said.

Hocking says he’s “very pleased” with how the first year of 3D went on PS3.  “We’ve developed more 3D games than we first thought we could, and we’ve kept the quality very high on PlayStation 3” although he doesn’t know how many machines are currently playing 3D games.

There’s a slightly odd exchange about Ridge Racer on Nintendo 3DS thrown in there –  “Have you played Ridge Racer on the 3DS?” “No, no I haven’t.” “Well the 3D effects in it are poor” – and then comments about 3D on Vita – “Of course in the future we may look to build the 3D experience on a handheld.  Whether this comes to Vita will have to be seen” – but apart from that it’s a decent interview.

There’s some comments about a new headset, too, with two-OLED screens which reminds us of the dreaded VR phase, albeit in 3D, but overall it seems that Hocking’s very pro-3D right now, as you’d expect.

Are you?

Source: Develop.



  1. I’ve always been very downbeat about 3D. I think it’s too easy to get wrong, overused and gimicky whenever I’ve seen it. I don’t think it ever really adds anything to the experience other than a few seconds of amusement. But then I see it used brilliantly somewhere and think it’s actually got a great future.
    It’s not something I’d replace my two-year-old 1080p TV for now though. Maybe in a year or two when I’m buying a new TV anyway. Or if it really gets much cheaper.

    • I’m the same, just don’t see the point of upgrading my perfectly good HDtv for the sake of a few hours usage a week.

      • About a month ago there was an offer in Curries for a 3D tv but i’d got a new tv not 6 months ago so didn’t want to get it for a few hours of entertainment. Like peter said i will take a look at them when i’m going to upgrade anyway and thats going to be when my current one is on the way out.

    • Well I DO have one and it’s quite frankly epic! Playing Black Ops, Killzone or Wipeout in 3D is a game changer, literally. Too many people are on here saying they don’t see the point but you have to live with it to get it.

      • I cant imagine ever thinking that its a gimmick. I think its amazing.

    • MotorStorm: 3D Rift. That says it all.

  2. 3D just doesn’t do anything for me, at the cinema you have to be in the perfect seat for it to work, same goes at home, the glasses, and the not so clear action scenes. It just doesn’t beat HD or blu-ry yet. That looks immense but 3D just doesn’t make me go “WOW”. I dunno, unless its done properly without the hassle and looks good I’m all for it, but so far, nothing makes me want it.

    • I remember going to see Clash of the Titans in 3D and some of the action scenes you could see better if you took the glasses off. I think atm the only things that do 3D well is animated things.

      • I agree with you there, my first experiance with 3d was avatar, and i was left with a headache and annoyed how dark it was with the glasses on! But i watched how to train a dragon in 3d and it was fantastic, not dark and no headaches. Animation 3d is deffinatly a different experiance.

      • To be fair, Clash of the Titans was fake 3D. As in, it began filming in 2D, then Avatar came out, so they made it 3D in post production.

    • Cinema 3D is a poorer quality than the active shutter 3D you get in 3DTV’s, unless you buy a passive set. Cheaper glasses are the upside though, a quid verses a few hundred!

  3. I’m not a 3D fan, although my experience with it has only been on movies. What I can say is that for me, 3D works better with real life images, ie, I liked better the short 3D movie about London Eye I saw before going up… well, the London Eye, than Avatar.
    I have yet to play a 3D game, but I’m expecting something like Avatar: computer generated images that do not make go “ah” just because they’re a little closer to my face.

  4. Same here, guys. 3D doesn’t tempt or tease me to upgrade at all. Not just that but it’s really 3D with added depth so it still feels a bit of a gimmick even though I know it can look good sometimes.

    However, considering the effort required from the devs and the hardware, I’d far prefer to see all of our games running in 720p and 60 frames per second. Then we can move onto something more ambitious.

  5. I’ve got a 3d tv and loving it some games like green lantern aren’t great but uncharted 3 beta looked amazing and without and motorstorm look fantastic… more about depth than about things coming towards you

  6. Really not bothered about 3D at all if I am honest & can’t say that I have been since I was a youngster. I get why people enjoy it, but it’s just a gimmick as far as I am concerned.

    Not for me.

  7. i’d like to see what could be done with the machines we have now.
    when VR was first attempted the hardware just couldn’t match the ideas.
    now with the power of machines like the ps3, which are doing 3d already anyway, it should be possible to do something pretty cool with vr now.

    you wouldn’t need to move around, just wear the headset sitting down and play with a joypad, add in head tracking and you could have a really immersive experience.
    imagine being able to look around the inside of your car at will in gran turismo, or scanning you environment in an fps much quicker than you could with a pad.

    those are just two options, but there would undoubtedly be numerous other applications.

    mind you with some people having a weird phobia about even wearing glasses to watch 3d, i’ve always wondered what they’d do if they had to wear them to see at some point, there might be a bit of a backlash against vr.

    • Your last paragraph is the deal-breaker.

      3D glasses = slight spazzer.
      VR headset = laughable tosspot with curtains drawn and most of the neighbourhood mocking you until you die under the crushing wait of embarrassment.

    • For VR, if people bawk at wearing glasses they’re going to be upset at the all-over sensory-gel-suits.. ;)

      • VR IS AWESOME. Ridicule is for people with a lack of understanding and/or jealousy.

      • I understand VR. I’m not jealous either. Neither sentiment stops me from pointing out that someone looks like a nob. ;-)

  8. VR sounds exciting… although what could that do to your mental state of mind after playing a viloent game?.. that would worry me.

    Gundam VR… or even any MECH, a dream…..

  9. I hate 3D. It is nothing but a gimmick that will be milked dry and shoved down our throats. Call me old but i prefer to have a controller in front of me that has buttons.:) VR will make the user look like a numpty. I reckon that users will have to wear a cheesy suit and a helmet to play a game.

    • How will it? imagine piloting a jet or Hudoukening or even kamehamehaing a online player/friend. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  10. haha! I read and laugh :) well, i own 3D tv and 3D projector already for more than a year. And each time i watch or play anything in 3D it is unforgettable experience. I love 3D!!! On projector screen in 3d it is just unbelievable cool. Clarity and 3D effects are amazing.
    Sony, bring it on and dont listen to grannies who moan all the way and rather watch black & white telly. We progressive new age people admire your efforts in 3D technology and fully support it.
    I was never so excited about the films and gaming like since we have 3D at home. For me and thousands others it is like a dream come tru!

    • Ha ha that made me laugh! :D

      • i guess you are one of those who sees everywhere conspiracy and think that new 3D is only for milking people for extra cash :) thats seriously funny then!! muhahaha lol

      • I was referring to the grannies watching B&W tv bit :D

    • Nice comment, and I agree. Although the 3DS sucks because Nintendo cant support their own consoles anymore, the 3D effect is still awesome, and I look forward to buying the Sony 3D monitor when it hits the market, just in time for university :D

      • “Although the 3DS sucks because Nintendo cant support their own consoles anymore”

        What a bizarre statement.

      • In so far as decent game support I agree

    • You and me brother, I love my 3D set. Uncharted in 3D looks amazing, unbelievable it’s the best 3D I’ve seen since Avatar

      • agree! Uncharted 3D is a gem :) can’t wait when its out!!!

      • This!

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