PlayStation-Branded 3DTV And Glasses On The Way

During their E3 press conference, Sony have announced a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor and branded 3D glasses will be released alongside Resistance 3 this September.

The 24-inch monitor will come in a bundle with a six-foot HDMI cable, a copy of the game, and a pair of 3D glasses for $499, whilst separate pairs of glasses will retail at $69.99.


The TV and glasses will support a patented technology that allows two players to see separate images on the screen, for use in co-op and multiplayer. Killzone 3 screenshots were used to illustrate the point, but there’s no confirmation yet what games will support the feature.



  1. The splitscreen thing is uberly cool!

    • Definitely! :D

    • Certainly! I thought it was on the way due to the patent you guys posted on here ages ago but didn’t expect it now. Really cool TV :)

  2. Didn’t see this coming in the slightest.

    • Neither did I? Would Like to know how much the monitor is on it’s own….

    • I know, great to see something like this without being leaked beforehand (if there was I missed it at least haha).

  3. I want it, so damn much.
    But it’ll probably fall victim to my scrambling for NGP money.

  4. 24 inches is a bit small for a home entertainment setup, but I guess it will be a welcome addition to mancaves the world over.

    • Yeah, I would say at least 32in, the bigger the better.

      • 32″ minimum i would say, but im sure sony are doing this to get shot of a load of 24″ 3D panels they have made somewhere, before relising people want/need bigger sets in the living

  5. small-ish screen but the split screen feature sounds neat!

  6. very interested hope they do a 40 inch version on its own.

  7. Why is everyone moaning that it’s too small? It’s supposed to be for bedrooms and stuff, not media rooms, that’s what all the 50″ screens are for! The aim is for a small and low priced 3DTV for the masses!

  8. Jesus that is cool…

  9. Awesome it’s quite well priced, shame it’s not this price and 60″ though :P
    I would have posted them my money immediately. I also think further specs would be nice, but they were kinda vague when announcing it.

  10. 24″ might be a little too small for me. That’s what she said.
    The price seems right. Will have to check it out when it hit’s stores but I like the idea.

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