Clap Hanz PSP Game Revealed

Earlier in the week we brought you news that Clap Hanz, the developers of the Everybody’s Golf and Everybody’s Tennis series, were working on a new PSP game.  Well, that game has now been revealed as Minna No Sukkiri, which doesn’t really directly translate into anything other than being roughly similar to the sound you make when you finally remember something so your brain is cleared, or refreshed.

Anyway, that’s all academic, the point is that Minna No Sukkiri will be a collection of minigames, including Karate, Baseball, Football and Racing.  We don’t really any additional information yet because this confirmation comes from this week’s Famitsu magazine rather than the official site which is still showing those pesky clouds. Hopefully we’ll get proper confirmation tomorrow and some decent screenshots – remember that there’ll be a demo at some point tomorrow too.


Thanks @psnstore for the Famitsu info.