PSP Gets New Hot Shots Game

Here’s a fact: ClapHanz’s Hot Shots / Everybody’s / Minna No series represent awesome gameplay with a knowing sense of humour. Here’s another fact: if you don’t own either the Hot Shots Golf PS3 game or either of the two PSP games, you’re crazy, because you’re missing out on some of the best golf action this side of Tiger Woods.

Today Sony opened a new teaser site for the next ClapHanz game, cunningly titled Minna No X, and although there’s precious little information on there at the moment, TheSixthAxis has learnt today that the game won’t be a Tennis or Golf game, and that we should expect much more information on July 3rd, at which time there’ll be a playable demo of whatever it turns out to be.


Probably far more exciting than I’m making it out to be, but if you’re a fan of the Minna No games and own a PSP, this one could well be something to jot in your diary.

Via AndriaSang