God Eater Gets First Gameplay Video

The success of Capcom’s Monster Hunter (review soon) on the PSP has lead other Japanese developers to focus their efforts of co-op multiplayer too, but the next target for such mechanics is an unlikely one.  Namco Bandai’s God Eater is a much faster paced third person battler than the aforementioned plodding team-em-up, but that hasn’t stopped them working in four player connectivity – and whilst it’s not clear whether this will use direct online links or run through Ad-Hoc Party like Capcom’s game, we don’t really mind because as you can see from the promo video below, it looks tremendous.


God Eater has been rumoured for a little while, but this is the first official video we’ve seen of the game and whilst we don’t have a press release yet we do have some details on the game.  It’s due out in Japan this Autumn with hopefully a European release soon into 2010,  and will feature novel gameplay ideas like fast weapon swapping, multiple classes and God-like creatures that just happened to have come down to your planet whilst you were sharpening your sword.  And of course the whole thing will be built around communication and sharing between players.  Sounds good enough to warrant closer attention, we think.