Japan Likes God Eater. A Lot.

Namco Bandai’s God Eater demo for the PSP is proving quite the popular new kid on the block over in Japan. Available for seven weeks now, the preview has been downloaded a massive one million times from the Japanese PlayStation Store. But let’s be honest here: God Eater is Namco Bandai’s answer to Capcom’s insanely popular Monster Hunter series so it’s of little surprise that a game that is following someone else’s tried and trusted formula is hitting it off with fans. However, though it looks and plays a lot like the mega-selling RPG/action hybrid Monster Hunter, we should note that God Eater does have a few tricks up its own sleeve. Namely the ability to turn guns into swords and then jump at enemies in a Devil May Cry inspired frenzy. You can also customise practically everything in the game. Clothing, bullets; the options are near endless.

God Eater launches for the PSP next month in Japan. A Western release has yet to be confirmed.


Thanks Kotaku.