PSPgo CPU Not 480MHz

Those of us who already tout a PSP somewhere about our person can relax as this morning we learnt that we are not to be left in the slow lane by the forthcoming PSPgo.  The PSPgo does indeed contain a chip that will be running at a frequency of 480MHz but it is not the CPU.

Engadget are reporting that their Japanese arm have been in contact with Sony Computer Entertainment and have been told that the device within the PSPgo that runs at 480MHz is the USB device.  So it seems that all the Internet’s specualtion about that those extra 147MHz could be used for has come to nought.


Whilst we cannot find any second-source confirmation of this an early morning read of the technical specifications for USB 2.0, which we do not recommend for a Monday Morning, shows the 480MHz figure does match with UBS 2.0’s highest speed data transfer rate.