Grainger Games Expanding

The “independent” games retailer Grainger Games (who are really just a local chain rather than an actual independent) are expanding their mini-empire by hiring specialists that Game saw fit to drop when it took over previous knowledgeable specialists GameStation.

Phil Moore, a former Gamestation regional manager has joined as Sales Director of Grainger and is ambitiously targeting the South of England as the company’s first foray outside of the North East. Moore doesn’t want to stop there though, he wants a chain of more than 80 stores, capable of challenging Game’s market dominance, stating:

I can absolutely see a time when we have 80 stores. My long term plan is to grow Grainger Games into a nationally recognised brand that delivers real value to every customer, across every revenue channel

This is clearly a very ambitious move by the small group and on which we hope pays off for them. Competition is always good for the consumer and a bit more specialist knowledge in video game retail wouldn’t hurt either, the staff of my local Game are largely clueless.

Source: MCVUK