Singularity Pushed Back

Activision have decided to delay the release of upcoming time-shifting FPS Singularity until March 2010. The title was previously expected late this year but with Activision themselves floating Modern Warfare 2 in November and Ubisoft putting Assassin’s Creed out towards the end of the year the schedule was presumably considered to be a little over-stocked. That’s without even considering the quality exclusives available for each of the “core consoles” namely, Uncharted 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Hopefully this is the start of publishers being slightly more savvy about their release schedules and giving us a nice spread of great games to play rather than a few lean summer months and then everything you could ever hope to want being released in late November. I have certainly noticed an increase in quality titles in the first half of this year with the output of the respective digital distribution stores playing a big part in keeping the steady stream of great games coming.


For those of you who might have missed Singularity the trailer is below. It looks singularly awesome.