Xi Developers Keep Eyes on Home

Home is already feeling desolate again. We may have received six new spaces last week, but we lost nearly ten – all of which were developed by nDreams for the first console-based Alternate Reality Game, Xi. Those who came back every day to see the new updates within Home, provided by nDreams are now lacking in their desire to return, only to be greeted with confusingly-named spaces, and a world only updated every fortnight.

nDreams loved the twelve-week Xi, and while nominated for a ‘Develop Award’ in the ‘Best New Studio’ category, the company have announced their licensing of the ‘Unity’ engine. This covers development on the iPhone, Google’s Android OS and PlayStation Home. It appears that nDreams are already working on a number of projects for Home. CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh said “We’ve been delighted with the reaction … to Xi, our first major project, and we’re very excited about the other titles that are now in development as we continue to create innovative games in the online digital space.” This announcement may be old, but it’s important to realise that the company were already in production of other secret Home projects during the Xi game, and therefore must be some way through development now.

So what could be next? If you never finished Xi properly, or haven’t visited the new ‘Alumni Hub‘ yet, you may want to check out this video, which explains what Xi was. Have no fear of spoilers. The game is now over. The puzzles created by the team are now left behind in the removed spaces. For more information check out our in-depth look at Xi while it was still running.

Source: nDreams