Activision Can’t Make Up Their Mind

After the crazy day that I’ve endured, I get back to this news? Are you kidding? I heard there was some massive news about Modern Warefare 2. I was expecting a brand new trailer or that it was now a Wii exclusive, something huge, and all I got was this.

It seems that Activision are as indecisive with their game names as they are to their commitment to Sony’s black box. Perhaps the fear of losing so much revenue from the loss of recognition having dropped the Call of Duty name didn’t sit well either. Regardless, Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling has just YFrogged the first image of the Modern Warfare 2 box. Well, it’s the first image of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 box art. That’s right, it seems that the Call of Duty name is back in. Hopefully this will be the end of this facade and we can just proceed to get excited about the title released this November.



Source: YFrog via Twitter