PS3 Slim: A Filipino Fake All Along?

People have been writing about the so-called PS3 Slim for months, but we’ve only really had one set of blurry pictures to go off.  This, then, would appear to be the first video of the unit, found by ‘TheLastDestroyer’ in an “underground market” in The Philippines.  “It looked EXACTLY like the rumored photos,” says the poster. “I asked the guy and he said it was brand new and that our country had it first. I have a video and a few details.”

Our guess is that this probably is the PS3 Slim, but the PS3 Slim is thus a cheap knock-off of the PlayStation 3, and whilst we don’t even know if the machine actually plays PS3 games or not (the ‘Slim’ cost £250, and so wasn’t bought) it does certainly appear to look just like the earlier photos we’re all sick of seeing.  Maybe that was the story all along, it’s just a cheap Asian imitation…

Via UltimatePlayStation.