FIFA Gets Release Date, PSN Games Get Blu-Ray Versions

FIFA 10 is going to be the greatest football game ever created, if you’ll put aside Kick Off, Kick Off 2, Kick Off 2 Player Manager, Sensible Soccer and Sensible World Of Soccer.  Well, EA will have to put them aside even if they’re very dear in our hearts, because FIFA 10 is their only concern, with the game set to launch internationally on October 2nd.

Other snippets of news this evening concern everyone’s favourite portable racer of the future, Gran Turismo PSP, which, according to the EU Blog, will not come with a demo, will not feature damage and will not have DLC.  All that doesn’t matter, because it’ll be the best thing to have ever hit the PlayStation Portable and everyone will buy it even if it only contained 5 cars (it doesn’t, it has 800) and 2 tracks (it doesn’t, it has 35).


Staying with the PSP, it appears that ModNation Racers will be seeing something similar on the PSP, if a release listing on GameFly is to believed.  The PS3 version of ‘Racers is planned for the 28th of February, but it’s a release of ModNation (sans ‘Racers’) on the PSP that’s most intriguing, scheduled for the same day.  We’ll chase this tomorrow.

Finally, it appears that a couple of previously PSN-only titles will be making their way to Blu-ray in the same way as PAIN did – Amazon‘s listing for Watchmen Parts 1 and 2 giving the game away slightly there, but it’s Play‘s apparent knowledge of a Blu-ray version of Ragdoll Kung Fu that’s got us most perplexed.  End of this month and £40? I’ll stick with the version that was free a while back, thanks.

Tips: Day-o, colmshan1990 (x2), jimmy-google, joooo, sources: SiliconEra.