Developer Interview: FIFA Ultimate Team

EA talk to us about the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team 2 Out Now

Get trading.

UK’s Best Selling Video Games Of 2009

Call of Duty at number 1! Who’d have guessed?

FIFA 10: A Rant

A football game with no tight ends or wide recievers. That’s right.

Review: FIFA 10

Fashionably late but thoroughly play-tested as a result.

FIFA 10 Breaches 4.5 Million Sales

It’s a game of 228 million halves!

UK PS3/360 Charts: Week Ending 17th Oct

Is it? Isn’t It? I know you’ll only be looking for one thing…

FIFA Earth Looking Good

Statistical analysis has never looked this good.

FIFA 10: Fastest Selling Sports Game

This game would appear to be as unstoppable as Rooney.

FIFA 10 Day 1 Patch

EA react super-quick to users feedback to patch in some tweaks.

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