FIFA 10 Day 1 Patch

The FIFA 10 demo was launched on the PSN Store and Xbox Marketplace earlier in September, and as well as being extremely well received by users was also EA’s most popular demo ever. This early success for the demo and the praise which followed hasn’t stopped EA listening to users feedback, as they are releasing a patch which is currently in testing and should be available on October 2nd.

The list of tweaks includes; making the dribbling even smoother, trapping the ball more effective, increasing the strength of defensive headers, removing exploits from early crosses, tweaking first time passes and making shots ‘feel’ better. Thats not all though as EA have also fine tuned ‘finesse shots’, penalty kicks, corners and have tweaked the balancing in the professional difficulty level.


Whilst an early patch will no doubt irritate some, it is a good that EA listen to feedback and are remarkably quick to react and get the tweaks and fixes out there.