FIFA Earth Looking Good

Here at TheSixthAxis our email inboxes bristle with activity, even when we’re not exactly pumping out the content. Usually it’s me asking for emergency biscuit rations, Kris letting us know how many people have downloaded the latest podcast or Lewis coming up with another new feature. Sometimes we hear from developers, publishers or PR types though. They might be asking us to review their latest title or wondering if we’d like to go to an event in “That London”.

Today it was my favourite publisher of recent times – EA – to tell us all about a feature they have running alongside FIFA 10.


FIFA Earth is, at its core, a heavyweight statistics-tracker. It gathers information about what teams are winning and how they’re doing it on a global scale. It also tracks Twitter to find tweets concerning FIFA so you can monitor the buzz surrounding the best football game of this generation.FIFA Earth then presents that info, via their website, to you. It looks really good and opens up huge possibilities for trend and performance tracking.

I’m not very clued-in on how these things work or how difficult they might be to implement but it seems to me that EA have put a great little analytical feature out there that is doing some seriously hard work under the hood.