FIFA 10: 2nd Biggest Launch Title Ever

As you are probably all aware by now, FIFA 10 shot straight to the top of the UK chart this week; but did you expect this? Aside from topping the charts, the game has become the 2nd biggest multi-format launch game in history, second only to GTA IV and stealing GTA: San Andreas’ spot.

This equates to FIFA 10 becoming the XBox’s 5th fastest selling game and the PS3’s 6th fastest selling game, and obviously, the biggest selling FIFA title. The XBox version makes up 48% of its total sales and the PS3 was close behind with 46%. This means that the latest FIFA game is up nearly 50% from FIFA 09.


Now, I’m not a football fan so I have no interest in this game, but is it really that good? This is a series that has a regular flow of games and from my point of view, they all look the same. I know about the 360 degree dribbling but perhaps you can educate me as to what the fuss is all about!