FIFA Ultimate Team 2 Out Now

Electronic Arts have now released FIFA 10 Ultimate Team for Xbox 360, with the PS3 version following in the PSN store update later today.

The original Ultimate Team expansion mode for FIFA 09 was the most popular PDLC expansion mode ever released by EA SPORTS, with over 35 million gold, silver and bronze packs opened, over 50 million auctions for players and items completed, and over 10 billion in-game coins exchanged in trades as legions of football fans took on the challenge to put a personally crafted team up against the rest of the world.


It’s also great to hear that the latest version of FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is half the price of the original at just 400 Microsoft points or £3.99 through PlayStation Network and this year enables gamers to manage one or multiple squads simultaneously, and compete against other gamers in dynamically updated online tournaments. Finally you will be able to experience the game mode by creating a team with a starter pack of players and play a five game free trial, sound like a good deal for FIFA fans.

Don’t forget to celebrate this launch we are holding a FIFA Tournament next weekend which will cumulate in a Final against the cream of XCN sites from all over Europe.  You can find out more about our tournament here.