Killzone 3 On The PS3?

Now I was careful to place a question mark on the end of the title to avoid any misunderstanding, okay? You see it? The curly bit of punctuation? Good. This by no means confirms that the next excursion against the dreaded Helghan will be on the black box delightfully placed by/beneath/to the side/in a wall next to/above your TV. After that long-winded and not very legally binding disclaimer, it does however seem highly likely that we will see more Killzone this generation of consoles.

Guerrilla Games’ Senior Producer, Steven ter Heide, has said that the Dutch developer are far from finished with the PS3. “PlayStation 3 has a very long life ahead still, and we’re certainly not done developing for this platform. We still see enough opportunities to get better and pushing the platform even further.”  Whilst the developer refused to comment on any future projects, which isn’t really a surprise, they did say that they plan on continuing the already fantastic support for Killzone 2 and its DLC.


Thanks, TheGamerAccess